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How to use this app

Choose the type of card you would like to add to your iOS Passbook or Android PassWallet. Enter the neccessary details and the card will be emailed to you. Your email address won't be recorded and you won't be spammed.

  • Clubcard

    Add your Clubcard to your passbook and have it scanned at tills.

  • Nectar Card

    Add your Nectar card to your passbook and have it scanned at tills.

  • Odeon

    Add your Odeon Premier Club card to your passbook.

  • Custom

    Add your Customer card to your passbook.

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid!

Using passbook to display barcodes this way is very experimental, so please don't be too annoyed if your pass cannot be scanned. Standard barcodes aren't supported by Passbook, so I'm doing something *inventive* to solve the issue. If you hit any problems or have any questions just email me -

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This is a personal experiment. Your mileage may vary as not all barcode scanners can read the iPhone's display.
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